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Two publications complement the discussion at the Conference Problem-Based Learning 2016. The Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE), Journal for Higher Education Development publishes a special edition at the beginning of the conference. 14 essays in German illustrate in which contexts and under which circumstances explorative learning can be implemented with the goal of promoting competence orientation in institutions of learning.

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning will publish a special edition in autumn 2017. Submissions of English essays are accepted until September 30, 2016.

Call for Conference Proposal and Manuscrips

Submission of papers and formats

In recent years competence orientation has become a primary focus of educational debate. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and related approaches such as Project-Based Learning and Enquiry-Based learning are seen as promising methods of establishing competence development in educational courses, thereby providing a comprehensive basis for promoting learning processes and the skills necessary to operate effectively in everyday life.

The international PBL 2016 Conference will provide a platform to focus on the interaction between research, teaching and practice. Contributions to the conference should illuminate, present in a differentiated way, and critically discuss from different perspectives the topics of competence orientation, PBL and related approaches. In addition, recent scientific findings on cognitive psychological principles, and the integration and use of ICT in the context of Problem-Based Learning will be presented.

The target audience comprises professionals from research, teaching, education management and policy from a variety of specialist areas:

  • Health and medicine
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Technology and applied sciences

Call for Abstracts

Submit an abstract

Abstracts of scientific papers as well as practical projects may now be submitted on the following topics:

  • heoretical approaches and constructs underlying PBL and related approaches
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of PBL curricula
  • Assessment and evaluation in PBL
  • Effectiveness of PBL
  • Learning technologies and innovation for PBL and related approaches
  • PBL and related approaches in professional development
  • PBL and competence development and related approaches

Forms of presentation

  • Presentations: these should be 25 minutes long, divided into 15 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions or discussion.
  • Workshops: these should be 75 minutes long and should consist of an introduction, a content contribution and subsequent group work and/or discussion on the topic (min. 30 mins.).


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 September 2015.

Feedback on acceptance/rejection of abstracts and the nature of the presentation will be given by late November 2015.

Registration fees

Participation is mandatory for those presenting at the conference. One participation fee will be waived for each workshop/presentation accepted.

Fee for 2 days: CHF 420

Early-bird fee: CHF 360 

Evaluation of abstracts received

Abstracts received will be evaluated by a scientific, specialist board (double blind method).